Mirage Sedora

Scouring through the Internet, I found this photo and thought it looked the most like what I see Mirage looking like. His eyes are different, both blue but the left one has some heterochromia happening to it, turning a portion of it blue where it was injured during one of his beatings. Yes, he looks more or less Asian, but that’s okay. Asians are beautiful.

I am a fairly avid writer. At any given moment, I usually have a bunch of ideas floating around in my brain. Most of the time, they are just little blurbs and blips about a set of characters. And most of the time, guaranteed those characters are probably the same ones as always. 

This area will hopefully contain some of the things I’ve written. Either excerpts from my actual stories, or parts of what I have bouncing around inside my head. 

They could range from simple things like character information, or it could be things that are a little bit more detailed like the story ideas I get from dreams. Either way, there will be something posted under the writing aspect of this space, even if it’s not until later. 

Like, as it stands right now, I have a little blurb of my character Mirage (a stunningly beautiful young Incubus with a tragic and abusive past) meeting up with another of my characters in the mall and recognizing him by his giggle because they work in the same club. 

It’s little things like that, that I might write down. Little things that flesh out my characters a little more than they usually are. After all, if I don’t care about them, then neither will my readers and I can’t have that. Especially not for someone as sweet as Mirage. 

Speaking of Mirage (or Mira, as he’s known by friends and his loved ones) I’ll talk a bit about him for this post. 

His story is a fairly tragic one. His mother has another son, so he has a half-brother named Donavon. Donavon is his mother’s legitimate child with her husband. Mirage is the bastard child from her tryst with an Incubus that visited her several times during the night over the period of three months. Donavon’s father had attempted to stay and help raise the son of what he considered a “monster” but eventually found that he couldn’t handle it and walked out on Donavon, Mirage and their mother. He couldn’t handle the fact that she was so loving to the child from an adulterous affair, even though there was little she could do to fight off an Incubus demon. 

Shortly after her husband left, Mirage’s mother fell under the influence of heavy drugs and soon became heavily in debt to the men that were supplying her the drugs. She lost the house and moved into the little apartment building run by the dealers where she would use her body to pay for the drugs they supplied her. During that time, Donavon and Mirage both attempted to continue schooling, watching their mother sink further and further into debt and addiction. 

Eventually, it got to the point where their mother could no longer satisfy the needs of the people that used her and in order to appease her addiction, she sold Mirage, who was already turning into a beautiful teenager, to the dealer to do with as he pleased, as long as she got enough of a fix from it. And so began Mirage’s nightmare. 

It was found out what his father was and he started being used like his mother was. Donavon, although upset with the fact that Mirage had torn his family apart, tried to protect him as much as he could, but even he couldn’t hide him from the people after Mirage. Mirage never did understand how to use his abilities as an Incubus as his Incubus father never returned to take him away from his human mother. 

Several years pass of this treatment and their mother ends up pregnant again. She gives birth to another baby boy, one she names Aarii, before she passes away. Mirage, knowing that the people in the apartment complex will harm the baby the first chance they get, manages to sneak out and take the baby somewhere where he will be safe. 

He is caught sneaking back and beaten horribly for several days. By this point, he has pretty much given up being free ever again and has essentially succumbed to the fact that he will be their prisoner for the rest of his life.

During a turn of events after some time to recover, he manages to escape and, barefoot and still badly beaten, he runs into a man in the street who agrees to help him. 

This man is Noble Seycara. He is the firstborn son of an Alpha male from a Werewolf pack with ties back to Ancient Babylon, and a Werewolf Huntress. A word about the Werewolf Hunters. They share attributes with their prey, although lack the ability to change their form. They have increased strength, stamina and durability; they have keen hearing, sight and smell; they have fangs and some have longer nails, mimicking the claws their prey usually sport. Noble shares those traits from his mother, but also shares some of the traits that he received from his father. The full moon causes him to be more aggressive; he prefers his meats cooked rare; and is fiercely protective of those he cares for. Needless to say, in the long run, it’s a good thing Mirage runs into him. 

Right away, Noble can tell that Mirage is in trouble and agrees to help him. He takes him to a hospital where he gets treatment for the multiple wounds on his body and Noble stays with him during the night. Because of his heightened sense of smell, he can smell the different men that had abused Mirage and vows then and there to end them. 

With Mirage in the hospital, safe and guarded, Noble visits a good friend of his family, another Alpha whom Noble’s family had helped out of captivity years back. They became friends through the years. Noble requests this Alpha’s assistance in taking out this drug house and making sure the residents never harm another person again. 

Given their alliance, the Alpha agrees to help and with the aid of Noble’s Werewolf siblings, they attack the apartment building as a pack of wolves and wipe out the abusers. 

Donavon is found in the basement and is taken to the same hospital that Mirage was taken to. A police investigation is conducted, but eventually, the entire case is closed because there is literally no one left to charge; the wolves made sure there was little left of them. 

Mirage requires a longer stay in the hospital than his brother and Noble offers his home to Donavon and Mirage in order for them to recover and settle back into society because they had been absent from it for several long years. 

At first, understandably, Donavon is extremely uneasy about trusting this new man, although Noble has given him no reason to believe that he means him or Mirage harm and Mirage is already quite taken with Noble, given that he had saved his life; a sort of knight in shining armour syndrome, if such a thing exists. 

As it stands though, currently, in the little story I have going for this set of characters (and I use the term little VERY lightly, haha! It’s over 100 pages already) Donavon has lived with Noble, Noble’s sister, Rosalyn, and two Vampire Hunter siblings, Chaselyn and Kavan, for a little under a month. He’s settled in fairly well and has agreed to stay with the four in their rather large, manor-style home, for the time being. Although, he’s hesitant about it because he’s protective over his younger brother given how much abuse he had endured before, and he’s seen the way Mirage has looked at Noble before. 

Either way, Mirage comes to live with Donavon and Noble and the gang, and he’s still reluctant to be around people. He ends up spending most of the time in his room until he’s comfortable around the people there to be out and about with them. Chaselyn buys Mirage some novels that he can read because Donavon mentioned that Mirage loved to read before all books were taken away from them. 

Currently, that’s where I’ve stopped it at the moment. Mirage is thrilled with having books to read, so he stays in his room to read them. It keeps him away from people he’s afraid of meeting and keeps him entertained so he doesn’t feel like he’s being trapped in his room. And everyone in the house has told him one way or another that he’s more than welcome to wander around the house if he wants to, but it’s entirely up to him to do so. 

So far, that’s where I’ve left it off. I have a bunch of other things that are going to happen, especially between Mirage and Noble, Donavon and Rosalyn.

But that’s where I’ll end it right now. Regardless, Mirage has been on my mind quite a lot lately. Which is different because he’s usually pretty shy and quiet and sticks to himself. It’s nice to hear from him again.