Hello again! It certainly has been a long time since I was here, huh? I somehow doubt anyone other than myself sees this, but in the odd case that someone else does, I hope you are all staying safe and healthy! ❤

As everyone knows, the world is currently on lockdown and under strict orders to social and physical distance themselves from others. That is true here in Canada as well. I have taken a temporary layoff from my job until given the “OK” that is it safe to come back to work. As much as I am loving this time off, I could definitely benefit from returning to work. I know my bank account could benefit from it too.

The past six or eight months have certainly seen a fair amount of action in my doll collection. What went from two beautiful SD boys is now four beautiful SD boys, two adorable YoSD kidlets, nine MSDs and two tinies. Not only that, but I have another 2 SD boys on the way from Doll Family-H, another SD boy and an MSD boy coming as well as a layaway plan for a Doll Family-H body hybrid with a Doll Family-A head. And it’s not going to stop there.

I’m finally giving a body to Mirage and his protective half-werewolf, half-werewolf hunter lover, Noble. It just kind of sucks the pairing I was planning won’t work because the MSD body is much too small beside the SD body that Noble is going to have. Hence why I have a DF-H and DF-A hybrid coming (eventually, I have no idea what the ETA on them will be) but either way! I’m really excited for it! My beautiful Incubus is going to be an actuality for me! ❤

Another pairing I’m putting into actuality is my beloved Spiryte and Dimitri ❤ They’re the DF-H boys that I have coming. When I spoke to the company, they said that it would be about 5 months before I see hide or hair of them though. Bah. But that means it should be an early Christmas present to myself! I can only hope that the DF-H body I’ve ordered will come in around the same time!

Until then, I’ll work with a different seller to get more beautiful dolls! I will introduce them all eventually, I’m sure I will, but as I only get to this website every so often.

Either way, do stay safe, continue to social distance and remember, we can and will get through this!

Cheers, everyone!!