Post Christmas Update

So, Christmas has come and gone and all but one crocheted gift has been delivered. Since I hope to deliver said gift tonight (or possibly tomorrow) I thought I would post some of the pieces I’ve finished for said gifts.

As shown in the photo above, the first item I’m showing off is this lovely wall hanging. It was funny because my family noticed pieces of it hanging or sitting around the house as I blocked it and glued the “feather” parts, but they hadn’t seen the full, finished piece until Shaina unwrapped it on Christmas morning. It was so wonderful to see the look of shocked awe on her face when she looked at it. Needless to say, I think she liked it. I had a lot of fun making it too.

I mixed two patterns to get it. The squares came from one pattern and the feathers are actually from another. The rest just kind of came together. I had that stick for months before I was finally able to use it. It had to go through staining and sealing in order to make sure it was decoration worthy.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

My grandmother had been visiting one day during the summer and took notice of the coaster I had made spread around the house. She liked them so much she requested a set for herself. So I delivered!

I loved this pattern so much that I actually had to be told to stop otherwise my grandmother would have been overwhelmed with coasters! I had so many other colours to make. Oh well. I stopped at 12.

One of the things I’m upset with is that I had written “Zeit fur Kaffee” (Time for Coffee, or Coffee Time) on the plastic canvas holder and completely blanked on taking a photo of the finished product. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be visiting my grandmother again eventually, maybe I can snag a photo then. Either way, she liked the coasters and we even put them to use when we visited.

These are my first tries at making Amigurumi and I must say, although they didn’t turn out anything like the pattern shows (probably due to different tensions and different buttons for the eyes) but overall, I am very proud of them!

The one of the far left is Leafeon. It was made for my BFF, Emily. Next in line is the normal Umbreon who was made for my baby sister, Julie. Next is a tiny and positively adorable Espeon (I used different yarn with her and thus she ended up considerably smaller than the others) for my mother and finally, the blue Umbreon is the shiny version of the Pokemon and it went to my brother, Dane.

I would like to think they were happy with them, but I’m not 100% certain on that. They did seem like they liked them, so that’s a good thing anyway. And I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Dad requested a poncho of his own for Christmas and while I personally think it’s far too big and too heavy, he seemed to really like it. It’s more of a blanket than it is a poncho though haha!

I may have to come back at a later date and make him another one; one that better fits him because this one was huge and I had to improvise with the back and front panels because the one was taking far too long to finish and I knew that if I didn’t switch it up, it never would have been done in time.

My baby sister, Julie, has been really obsessed with the new TV show Riverdale (and really, who can blame her… it’s really good!)

Well, like any teenager girl, she has developed a huge crush on Jughead (Cole Sprouse’s character) and I must admit, he is probably the highlight of the show!

She has a grey hat, but it was lacking the typical “Jughead” touches. I knew right away what I had to do! So away to my crochet hooks and grey yarn, I went. The toughest part was trying to find something to mimic the white tag the original hat has beside the red button. Thankfully, I found a macramé bead that fit the job just perfectly!

I was so excited for her to open this one because I knew how much she loved the character and she tries to dress like him whenever she can. Now she can be a little bit more like him because she has the grey crown hat that Jughead in the show wears.

She loved it, by the way.

Well, it’s official. I have jumped onto the cute Jellyfish Amigurumi bandwagon and I must say, I’m impressed.

This thing was so fun and so easy to make, I’m going to be making her a purple one to go with this blue fellow!

She thought it was super cute as well and I’m glad because if she didn’t like it, then I totally would have taken it back and hung it up in my room! Haha!

The above photos are the two cutie snowglobes I made for Shaina and my mother. Shaina received the one with the kitty and paw print on it and because my mother loves deer, lambs and squirrels, she received the one on the right with the woodland critters.

They’re just a little something to hang on the tree, or in a window, or in the car, or wherever they feel like hanging them.

As soon as I find the appropriate buttons for the rest of my family, I will be making everyone one of these cute little snowglobe ornaments!

Over the last two years, I have made a scarf for my best friend, Emily, in the Gryffindor colours. Gryffindor is her house at Hogwarts and since she is now a big Harry Potter fan, I knew I had to make her a scarf.

Well, the next year, I made her a hat to match her scarf! All that she was missing was a pair of mittens to complete the whole set!

I finished these beauties up last night (December 30, 2018) and although the pattern gave me some grief in more than one place, I managed to get them right and I quite like how they fit on my hands. Hopefully, hers and my hands are similar and these will fit her well too! I haven’t given them to here because she was away at her mother’s house for the Christmas break and we haven’t exchanged gifts with her yet. I hope she likes them ❤


I was a fairly busy bee with crocheting during the las few months! Now to take a break and maybe finished one of the two novels I have started! That would be nice!

While Shaina was visiting, she set me up with an Etsy account in an attempt to help me sell some of the things I make. Of course, most of the things I make are for friends and family, so none of that is for sale, but it would be wonderful if I could sell some of the things I make. You know, let someone else enjoy them instead of just me and my immediate surroundings.

We’ll see how that works out!

Anyway! That’ll be that for tonight! I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Happy New Year! I wish all of you the brightest blessings in the new year!